Know it all A Slack App designed to integrate JIRA and Slack keeping everybody in the loop

Keeping everybody informed about the state of your projects is hard. JIRA is a great tool but setting it up to help with communication it’s even harder. This app helps with both by making setting up communication rules in JIRA simple. It adds a new field to your projects “key stakeholder” and allows you to set up simple yet powerfull messaging rules. For example, notify the “key stakeholder” every time a ticket is ready for user acceptance. It also allows you to create rules targeting any #channel or @SlackHandle removing the stress of having to keep track of everybody that needs to know it all.Know it all comes with a very helpful user @pantomath (a person who wants to know and knows everything) so sit down, relax and leave the hard work to @pantomathSay Hi to @pantomath, I Hope Pantomath is nice to you ;-)