Klue Send messages to the Klue Feed to combine them with insights from other sources.

Klue is the competitive enablement platform built to collect, curate, and deliver competitive and market intelligence across every department of every business.Your colleagues on the frontlines have valuable competitive insights that can help you understand what your competitors are up to… but only if you capture them.With this integration, you can add all of that competitor intel that’s floating around Slack to Klue, giving you one central repository for all things competitive. Integration benefits:
* Send Slack threads into the Klue Feed to combine them with insights from other sources.* Optionally, send a message or reply to the Klue Scratchpad for easy inclusion in a competitor Board.* In Slack, see which threads have already been sent into Klue.* Easily navigate between a Klue post and its associated thread in Slack. Get started:
* Authorize this integration in Klue (Klue users only – https://app.klue.com/integrations).* Start sharing intel from Slack. More info:
Competitive intelligence that wins business: http://www.klue.com/slack
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