Kintaba Easy Incident Management for Your Team and Company

Kintaba makes realtime incident management easy for any company or team by letting you track, respond to, collaborate on, repair, and learn from hi-priority incidents.With Kintaba your team comes together to solve major outages and critical incidents quickly, and with modern incident management practices built-in you can learn from your incidents with automated postmortem scheduling and postmortem templates.  Kintaba also helps you manage your oncall and IMOC rotations.The Kintaba Slack integration lets you:
• Announce new incidents to an announcements channel for wider visibility across your team or company
• Create, view, assign, and list new and existing incidents right in Slack
• Collaborate on Kintaba incidents with full bi-directional chat sync
• Connect your Slack users to Kintaba for quick user imports and provisioning