Kiara : Language Translation Bot Translate your message in real-time with 100 languages. You can work without language barrier. You do not need a human translator.

Communicate with anyone, anywhere and in any language in real-time. A great tool for your remote work under pandemic.Kiara is a very useful real-time translation bot for international communication. It is available in 100 languages. Kiara can solve a language barrier problem with a very simple user interface.
+ much more!You do not have to copy paste a translation tool everytime. Kiara will do it automatically for web development, customer support, universities, and any kind of international collaboration.Your team’s communication will be much more transparent with Kiara. Your team bonding will be stronger. You can install Kiara free trial version in 30sec. Over 2,000 teams like MIT, telecom, finance, automotives, startups, universities, and research institutes have used Kiara to eliminate language barriers.
Kiara is a Slack plugin chatbot which can translate your message in real-time.

• Eliminate language barrier : You can communicate with foreigners in your mother languages. They can understand your message in their mother languages.
• Team communication transparency: Since you can understand other people’s talking in other languages, you fully understand what is happening inside the team.
• Time saver: Many people still copy & paste translation tools. Let’s stop it and save time.
• Team bonding:  After eliminating language barriers, you can build more trust. Also your teammates can trust you more.Common use cases;
IT development : Their customer outsources software development to Vietnam. Now both of them communicate in Japanese and Vietnamese which is much better than non-native English communication.
Universities : They have international students in research projects. With Kiara, they can communicate properly.
Customer support : Their B2C customer gets 100 emails from different countries. Kiara can handle them as a translated message in real-time.If you have a question, please contact our sales team at [email protected]
If you have a new feature idea, please let us know. Contact developers at [email protected]