Keybot by Keypup Streamline your dev workflow with Keypup and let Keybot handle the day-to-day tasks in Slack

Keypup gives you clarity across all your dev and issue trackers tools by having information organized in one place and tailored for you.Keypup automatically prioritizes your day-to-day task and delivers a single digest every morning with what you need to focus on. No more digging into GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket to understand what needs to be fixed, rebased, reviewed or merged.You receive too many emails? Want to act directly from Slack? Say hello to Keybot, our assistant for Slack.With Keybot, you get the following goodies to brighten your day:Daily digests alongside your morning coffee
Receive your daily digest every morning via direct message on Slack. No more juggling with emails – your priorities are delivered in a simple and efficient way.Merge recommendations, when needed
Fed up of tracking PRs which are ready to be merged? Let Keybot notify you whenever a pull request is passing approval and has a green build. And more than that, you’ll be able to tell Keybot to merge them for you :)Answers on the state of pull requests
Keybot can provide insights on how your team is tracking on pull requests. Just ask
“How many pull requests were merged last month”, “Which pull requests must be reviewed?” or “How many pull requests are open” and Keybot will go fetch the answer for you!And more features to come! Keybot’s mission is to become your personal dev assistant to simplify all those pesky day-to-day tasks.