KaapiHappy, high performance remote teams

The only employee feedback & engagement app built completely inside Slack! Kaapi is now used by 800+ users to help build happy, high-performance teams. It takes only 10 seconds (and no credit card required) to get started. Kaapi can be personalised by team leaders to discover team insights like Team morale – People quit their managers, not the company. Find out what makes your team tick, their current mood and the gaps you need to fill for a better workplace. Become a better leader – Ever wondered about your blindspots as a leader? Choose this template to get feedback from your employees on you and team operations. Align your team – Expertly crafted questions that are proven to get you actionable feedback from your team on goals, progress and productivity. Build culture – Get a pulse of how your people feel about the larger mission & values. Encourage pats on the back, celebrate wins, and find out who is not in sync with your cultural values.Kaapi is the easiest way for employees to respond to pulse surveys, giving you 2.3x more responses than other traditional tools like Gallup, Lattice, CultureAmp, Tinypulse, WFH Surveys, Icebreakers and Surveymonkey. Daily stand up
Run daily stand-up meetings inside Kaapi! Or end a weekly check-in to your employees to get a status report from them. Stop wasting time in meetings and align everyone better. Icebreaker checkins
Use Kaapi to engage in fun water-cooler conversations with your team. Perfect questions to break the ice with your remote team. Have fun together, from anywhere in the world. Get exclusive access to premium leadership resources
All users get forever free access to a growing community of leaders, and original guides on things like goal planning, remote work, goal planning and building healthy habits.Support | Pricing | Latest updates

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