JukeboxManage your Spotify account from Slack

Please note:  This app requires a Spotify Premium accountThis app allows your team to perform all the most common Spotify actions directly from Slack. You can play/resume playback, change volume, search for Tracks/Albums/Artists/Playlists, add Tracks to a Playlist, switch device, etcPlay/Pause/Resume playback
You can start or pause playback at anytimeChange volume
You can change the volume up or downBrowse Library
You can browse your Spotify account’s library and find your favourite tracks/artists/playlistsGlobal Search
You can search the entire Spotify library for Tracks/Alnums/Artists/PlaylistsAdd Tracks
You can add tracks to any of your own playlistsSwitch devices
If you have multiple devices linked to your Spotify account, you can switch playback to any of the available devices

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