Joy Run Get rewarded when you order together

JoyRun rewards you for ordering together with friends, coworkers, and neighbors.  Coworkers can use the JoyRun App for Slack to start Runs for coffee, lunch, boba, dinner and more – directly from Slack – and order together through JoyRun.Stepping out for lunch?  • Start a Run in Slack to your favorite place  
• Invite your coworkers to order on your Run.  
• Pick up the orders for the group.  
• Earn rewards in the app plus kudos from coworkers.  Too busy to step out?  • Order on a coworker’s Run.  
• Get it delivered, by a coworker.  
• Earn rewards for ordering together.  
• Share your coffee, lunch, or boba together.  Get started:1. Start a Run from any Slack conversation.  Type /joyrun in any direct message or channel.  
2. Name the time and place.  Choose a meetup location, restaurant, and pickup time.
3. Share with coworkers.   JoyRun posts your Run in the same Slack conversation.
4. Place your orders.  Use the Order button in the Run message to place your orders.
5. Get updates in Slack.  Get notified when coworkers order on your Run. JoyRun is currently available in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, Redwood City, and Palo Alto.