JobPtsCelebrating and supporting your teammates in Slack!

Appreciate Your Employees & Create Moments that MatterWhat is JobPts? JobPts enables employers to enrich their company culture and provide extraordinary employee experience by showing appreciation that employees deserve.
What are the reasons for recognizing someone through JobPts?
As part of the Recognition process, JobPts will provide the technological tools to enable company’s HR group to build, maintain and grow with their specific recognition and rewarding programs. Companies will be able to design and maintain other recognition programs as addition to the ones set up in the system through further customization of the platform.How to use JobPts on Slack?Recognize your colleagues easily for a job well done without leaving Slack, enables frequent recognition and a great culture of engagement. To use this bot, you must have access assigned in the JobPts application. Visit our website and Click ‘Add to Slack’ to get this bot to your workspace, or find it on the Slack Marketplace. After you authorize the bot, it will have access to your workspace. Next step is inviting the bot through typing the command /invite @JobPts in a specific channel that you intend to add the application. All users from the channel/s where the bot is invited, will be registered as users in your JobPts Application. To start using the application and appreciate someone, you can type some of the following words (ex. thanks, Danke, Appreciate, Well Done, Recognize, Great Job, Gracias, etc.) that will trigger the bot and give you the possibility to send the appreciation using Slack and promote the company values.

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