Jira Slack IntegrationNever login to Jira again. All-in-one Bot for Jira Server, DC, Cloud. Jira Actions, Alerts, Nudges, Insights, Jira Reports and Standups.

Best All-in-one Jira Slack IntegrationJira Actions, Alerts, Insights, Jira Reports and Standups in Slack. Easy, secure and most comprehensive Jira Slack Integration (Server & Cloud).Project progress suffers when Jira is not up to date, blockers surface at the last moment and email notifications are missed in all the noise.With an easy way to manage Jira issues in Slack, Troopr ensures Jira is updated more often and important notifications are delivered in Slack without the noise. Everyone saves time and everyone is on the same page.Things you can do with Troopr Jira Slack Integration
Plan – Create, update, browse, search issues directly in Slack
Track – Noise free actionable notifications delivered to Slack.
Report – 30+ Report templates that can be scheduled to channels or App Home.
Nudges – Smart actionable alerts for potential blockers.
Standup – Link and Unfurl Jira issues mentioned in Standup reports.Troopr is free to try. No credit card required to sign up. Reach us at [email protected] for more.Check out Whats new (updated monthly)Read Getting started GuideCheck out our marketplace listing Slack Jira IntegrationNote: Troopr accounts for team members are provisioned based on their Slack email addresses. No email communication will be made to any team member unless they opt-in or triggered by another member usually to welcome them.

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