Jibble Free Time Clock App for Slack

The Jibble bot and slash commands allow you to track time and attendance for free without having to leave Slack.Use the Jibble time tracking bot for payroll, attendance, compliance, productivity, client billing or simply to see who’s working and on what directly via Slack.Your team can track time by interacting with the Jibble bot or use the Slash commands: /jibble in, /jibble out. When they start work or switch activity they clock in and when they finish work they clock out – it’s that simple! With Activities, they can add optional tasks against their entry so time spent on a specific task can be tracked.An overview of your weekly timesheet for payroll or productivity analysis can be retrieved by using the command /jibble times. Useful reporting and attendance stats and alerts are also available from within the web and mobile app. Timesheets and reports can be exported to Excel.Multi-device access allows clock-ins and monitoring from the device that is right for your team, whether it’s Slack, Mobile, a Kiosk Tablet or the Web. Clock-in data is synced real-time to Slack.Enable Client Billing to track time spent on client work for invoicing purposes. This will allow team members to select a client when they clock in.Jibble is used for time tracking by 10,000’s of users worldwide including startups, construction companies, F&B, agencies, manufacturing, education, healthcare, law firms and others.Using the Jibble time tracking bot for Slack is free forever for unlimited users. Go to www.jibble.io to sign-up and get started!Need help? Reach us at [email protected] or visit help.jibble.io.