Jellyfishhost a Jellyfish session!

Jellyfish is a Slack friend that allows teams to:* Host moderator boards for specific meetings (eg: “Hot Topics for Slack Threads Rollout Meeting”)
* Host “AskMeAnythings” (eg: “I just joined as Assistant to the Regional Manager, ask me anything!!”)
* Host moderator boards for company-wide meetings (eg: “All-Hands, it’s Friday! What’s on your mind?”)Doing these kinds of activities increases communication, transparency and overall culture within your team. It makes people feel heard and helps ensure that all people and ideas are heard: big and small.Jellyfish is a safe, easy to use and thoughtful Slack application. For example:* Supports moderation, to ensure questions are aligned to goals
* Supports anonymous and pseudo-anonymous submission of questions
* Slack first: ask, upvote and downvote questions inline with Slack

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