JARVICE BotSlack application connecting users with the JARVICE API powered by the Nimbix Cloud. Access job history job details and more.

Nimbix is excited to announce a new way for you to keep an eye on your Nimbix Cloud and JARVICE™ XE jobs, JARVICE Bot.  JARVICE Bot won’t mop your floors or prepare your coffee (yet), but he is more than happy to show you a screenshot of your running Nimbix job(s), show you your job output, and terminate your job(s) at your command.
With JARVICE Bot for Slack, you can:
• Check the status of your Nimbix Cloud jobs
• Grab a screenshot of an active job
• See your job output
• View job history
• Terminate a job
• Suggest a feature [email protected]
Additional features coming soon

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