JanisAn AI Assistant For Bot Makers

Janis makes it easier for teams to train their bots, fix problems fast, and retain their users in the process, all from the comfort of Slack. Make your bots smarter, faster:
Connect industry leading AI and your Messenger, or Slack bots to Janis in seconds. You can train your bots just by chatting with your team, or train directly from your messaging transcripts.  Fix problems fast:
Get real-time alerts when your bot struggles and your customers need attention. Janis explains the problem and helps you fix problems in your conversational experience. Retain your users:
Pause your bot so you can chat live with your users directly from Slack.  Janis automatically resumes your bot when you’re done chatting.Janis is an AI assistant for teams build bots with Chatfuel, and dozens of platforms and frameworks.  Our developer SDK supports bot developers working in Node.js, Python, or Ruby. Want to learn more? Go to Janis.ai

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