ioradinstantly share step-by-step app instructions right inside Slack

iorad for Slack automatically shares step-by-step app instructions right inside Slack. It’s available to all iorad users (including free).  No more copy/pasting screenshots, hard-to-follow screencasts. or impossible-to-schedule screenshare.  Just paste a tutorial link or ask the bot a specific question and get answers right in Slack.To create a tutorial just grab our browser add-on (Firefox, Chrome, Edge), open the website and click record.  Our extension captures every action you take on a website and automagically generates a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.  Go ahead and share all that app know-how in your brain.  The iorad bot gives all your team members the ability to search iorad tutorials right in Slack.Use /ilogin to authorize iorad to share and /isearch to search all your tutorials

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