IntrroSupercharge employee referrals

If you believe that referrals are the best source of great hires, Look no further! You can learn more at intrro.comThe Intrro Slack app is the easiest way for your team to submit referrals, you’ll receive intelligent referral recommendations inside Slack, so the talent team can focus on their top priorities while Intrro reminds your team to refer their contacts.Here’s how it works:
1. Intrro connects directly to your ATS. (E.g Greenhouse, Lever, Workable)
2. Intrro syncs to your LinkedIn, Gmail & Outlook. (opt-in, no spam etc)
3. Intrro makes recommendations to you about who to refer to.
4. If you refer someone, Intrro puts all their info into your ATS automatically.Intrro Bot can:
– Onboard users
– Make personalized suggestions for who to refer to every single member of your team
– Notify hiring leaders when referred candidates are interested in speaking to the company About the company
We believe that referrals make the best hires. Intrro uses data science to automatically match the best talent in your employee’s networks against open roles at your company, so you get warm introductions to the best talent. Intrro makes referral hiring fast, fun, and scalable!If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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