Influencer BotInstagram Influencer Discovery & Tracking Engine.

Customized Instagram Influencer recommendations, Post Tracking, and Reports. Delivered via Slack. 1. Track Influencer Profiles
Give InfluencerBot a list of Instagram usernames (influencers, partners, competitors, etc) and it will track follower growth and more. Think of it like an employee that never sleeps.2. Track Posts (by keyword)
The hardest part about working with Influencers is tracking the results of organic reach. Monitoring when posts go live, measuring engagement, best time of day, etc. can all become a full-time job very quickly. InfluencerBot can identify keywords on your Influencer’s posts and notify your Slack channel with all the details. When the post goes up and is taken down, you’ll always be the first to know. Additionally, everything is always tracked in detail and stored in a live Google Spreadsheet.3. Analyze Results
The final power of InfluencerBot is the on-demand reporting of all your data. When did my influencers post about me? What was the engagement on those posts? Are my influencer’s profiles losing followers or engagement? InfluencerBot can send you a live report whenever you need it so you always have the data to make proper marketing decisions.

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