incoxBotA Single BOT to work with all your SaaS Applications

incoxBot is a bot for Slack to easily integrate with multiple SaaS applications (HubSpot, Zoho Suite, Quickbooks etc.,) at the click of a button. Through guided natural interactions, a business user can run pre-configured application tasks across one or more supported applications. In short, incoxBot facilitates a new integration approach to Bring Your SaaS Apps Together (BYSAT) in a single Slack channel without the hassle of jumping applications/screens. ‘Zero Touch’ task execution, ‘No coding’ and ‘Self-service’ are the key values of using incoxBot.By adapting incoxBot on Slack, a SMB business can1. REFINE their business processes & organize them into app workflow tasks
2. REPEAT execution of day-to day tasks at 50% lesser time
3. REDUCE chaos, increase efficiency, improve productivity & realize monetary gainsBelow is how ‘incoxBot’ can be useful to your business1. Guided Interaction: Command the incoxBot to perform actions in simple natural language using keywords like app names, task names or simple sentences. E.g. Quickbooks tasks, create invoice, i want to send a campaign etc.,2. On-demand workflow automation: Perform tasks sequentially across multiple apps or  call appropriate apps to perform actions e.g. convert a deal in zoho crm and call quick books to create invoice3. Task Workflows: The INCOX integration platform supports Create, View and Update tasks for pre-configured actions of an application. E.g. create, view and update deals in CRM.4. Single Window Access: Interact with your teams/customers and side by side with your apps through a single Slack chat window. No need to switch context or apps. E.g. Create an invoice by interacting in your app channel and get approval in a different channel without switching context.5. Notifications: Get notified for key application event alerts in Slack. E.g. receive notifications for tickets from Zoho Desk. Stay on top of things.Currently supported list of 20+ App Integrations – Jira, Hubspot, Quickbooks Online, ServiceNow, Freshdesk, Mailchimp, Twilio, Trello & Zoho suite of applications.Visit for more information. Contact us at [email protected] for your additional requirements to include apps/use-cases or any issues/feedback.

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