Incognito for Slack Anonymous team feedback in a private Slack channel

Get anonymous team feedback in a private slack channel.Every user gets an anonymous animal alias so you can differentiate between users without knowing who they are!We help you:  Encourage open and honest feedback
 Empower your team by valuing their input
 Spotlight common issues quickly
 Help passive employees have their voices heard
 Level the playing field for all team members
 Reward the most helpful feedbackSlash Commands/incognito
Your team can use this command anywhere in Slack to anonymously submit feedback into your private leadership channel./incognito-poll ( Admin channel only)
Create an anonymous poll for your #general channel./incognito-stats ( Admin channel only)
Displays the total users, feedback submissions, including how many were ranked helpful, unhelpful, and neutral./incognito-export ( Admin channel only)
Export all feedback and poll data into a CSV file into slack (excluding real names, of course)/incognito-champion ( Admin channel only)
Send a DM to the user that submitted the most helpful feedback. Give them a thanks, or a reward!If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or feedback please email Matt at [email protected]