Humaans A better workplace starts here

Humaans is a smart employee database. Small and medium-sized businesses use Humaans to simplify their people operations. Humaans comes with a wealth of features to support your every day people operations needs:* Onboarding & Offboarding employees
* A beautiful people directory with fast search
* Public & private employee profile view
* Events tab with key upcoming dates
*  Time off and absence management
* Unlimited employee document storage
* Calendar and Slack integrationsAnd many little things to make your day to day more efficient – cross functional team labels, document expiry notifications, visibility on local time of the remote and distribute teams and much more.With the Humaans Slack App you will receive daily update on who’s away, who’s working from home and who’s celebrating their birthdays or work anniversaries.It’s free to try and takes only 2 minutes: After the 14 day trial, you will have to get a paid Humaans subscription to continue using this Slack integration. See the pricing at Only Humaans admins can install this app.