Hoopla Broadcast Slack messages to TVs across your company.

Created based on the science of motivation and gamification, Hoopla builds and reinforces your organization’s unique values, targets, and goals. Inspire your people to do their best work with broadcasts that are visible where they work — digital signage for offices, web, and mobile apps for remote team members. Hoopla is motivation built at the speed of the best performing organizations.To push Hoopla notifications into Slack, you will need to configure notifications within your Hoopla channel. Simply turn on notifications within your Hoopla channel and select the Slack channel where you want to see those notifications.To broadcast an announcement or give someone kudos, just type /hoopla and your special message or a Slack message link, and Hoopla will instantly show your message as a Newsflash on Hoopla TV. You can configure which Slack Channels and which Slack users are eligible to use this command, and specify which Hoopla TV Channels will display the Newsflash. Additionally, you can invite a Hoopla Bot to your Slack Channels that will automatically track important news and display them as Newsflashes on Hoopla TV or update key Metrics within Hoopla.Contact developers at [email protected]