Helperbot Tools for Scrum teams including planning poker and fist of five ratings

Helperbot is your friendly neighborhood Scrum assistant, perfect for distributed and co-located teams alike. This native application brings your agile workflow to Slack, reducing overhead and meeting time while also increasing efficiency and promoting asynchronous work. If you’re a Jira user, Helperbot automatically updates with your tickets, saving you time and energy. Helperbot currently supports planning poker and fist of five ratings, with new features and integrations to be added in the coming months.So, how does it work?• Use the command /estimate [user story] to request story point estimations from your team right in Slack. Helperbot hides your team’s votes until you mark the voting as complete. Once you mark voting as complete, Helperbot provides the median and average points determined by your team. This works asynchronously – your team members can vote at any time while voting is open – and Helperbot will remind the channel if the voting is still open.    If you’re a Jira user, Helperbot can insert into Slack the issue title and summary from Jira with the ticket number. You can automatically point the ticket from Slack by selecting either the median or average points.• Use the command /rate [thing to rate] to set up a fist of five poll, allowing everyone in a channel to pick a number between 0-5 to give their opinion on your question.Helperbot is a discreet, secure, and private tool, leaving your data under your control and only requesting the minimum permissions it needs to function. Helperbot is a product of Alley, a leading remote agency that’s built on the [email protected] framework. We use Helperbot internally to improve our workflows and make things easier – we hope you do too! Find out more about us at alley.coHave a comment? Want to request a new feature? Helperbot is actively in development so we’d love to hear from you.