Slack Application: Help Docs Share knowledge with your customers and team

HelpDocs is the best way to share knowledge with your customers and your team. Our Slack integration lets you interact with your articles in a natural way, from right in your team chat.What you can do
• Search all your articles
• Create new articles
• Get notifications when articles are published or deleted by your team, new users sign up, feedback is left, or contact forms are submittedExample Commands
/hd search [query] – Shows the top 3 matches from your docs for [query]
/hd create [title] – Creates a new article called [title]. You can choose a category and write a li’l body for it too.Requires a HelpDocs account
To use this integration you’ll need a HelpDocs account. Plans start at just $29 a month, with no per-user fees. Plus we’ll give you 14-days free on any plan.Learn More About HelpDocs
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