Hanzo Hold Hanzo Slack Legal Hold Application

Hanzo Hold is a purpose-built solution for preserving, collecting, and reviewing and exporting Slack content in response to litigation, compliance and investigative needs.  With Hanzo Hold, our customers are able to defensibly respond to preservation obligations, securely collect Slack data for ediscovery, and cull and surgically export data in review-ready formats.

With Hanzo, Slack Enterprise Grid customers can:
* Rapidly identify Slack content that needs to be preserved in response to discovery obligations
* Define and refine matter scope by simply specifying custodians, channels and/or timeframes for preservation and collection
* Securely collect relevant Slack data and metadata, including embedded content, threaded conversations, edits, deletes, and other changes over time
* Extract text and metadata content for efficient search, early case assessment and internal investigations
* Utilize Discovery View and View in Context displays for ease of review and analysis
* Perform surgical exports in discovery review-ready formats, including PDF and load files
* Automatically manage data retention, including eliminating the need for redundant collections, and disposing of content no longer required for active matters

Hanzo provides modern discovery and compliance software for enterprise organizations. Our solutions empower legal and compliance teams to efficiently manage the preservation, targeted collection and review of dynamic content from enterprise collaboration applications including Slack, to social media and complex websites.