Gratitudely Gratitude wall: Improve well-being with a shared gratitude journal for your team.

Improve team well-being (boost morale, reduce stress, and more!) by keeping a shared gratitude journal.Gratitude wall is not a new concept (which is good!), we just bring it to Slack.Academic studies have proven that gratitude journals, lists, diaries, logs – whatever you wanna call it – have benefits to our well-being:* Increased happiness and life satisfaction.
* More self-esteem, motivation, and resilience.
* Reduced stress and anxiety.
* Leads to better health; physical and mental.
* Improved brain activity.
* Better focus.A #gratitude-wall channel will be created after Gratitudely is added to your Slack.Team members can add gratitude entries to be published to #gratitude-wall first (members can remove their entries from the channel anytime).For each entry, Gratitudely generates a beautiful stylized square image with the gratitude entry text overlayed. You can also attach images and a random elegant filter will be automatically applied.Gratitudely offers a 5-day fully-functional free trial (no credit card required) and requires a paid subscription afterwards.Any questions, email [email protected]