Go To Meeting A frictionless way to move from messaging to face-to-face meetings.

Turn any Slack conversation on desktop or mobile into a face-to-face meeting. Stay connected and boost productivity with GoToMeeting.Features include:
– Set up GoToMeeting as your main meeting software in Slack.*
Simply enter /goto or click the phone icon in the top right section of a channel to launch GoToMeeting. Everyone else in the channel will see a link to join from their browser or the GoToMeeting app.
– Join any meeting directly from Slack.
– View up to 10 of your latest meeting recordings.
– Access and share up to five recent meeting rooms.
You will need a GoToMeeting account to start meetings, and your Slack admin will have to add the integration to your Workspace.* Your Slack admin will need enable this feature through the Workspace Settings.