Good TodayEmpower your team to do good every day :tada:

Good Today is the easiest way for teams to making giving apart of their company culture. Sponsor each of your team members to give 25¢ to charity every day.Learn Every Day
Every morning, Good Today will message your team via direct message with the day’s cause and two charities supporting that cause in different ways. All they have to do is click “donate,” and your company will donate 25¢ to that charity on their behalf.Do Good Every Day
Engage, educate, and empower your employees to have a say in where your company’s charitable dollars go.Social Giving For All
Your team will get a daily summary of how the team gave in whatever channel you decide to authorize the Good Today app– giving them an open forum to discuss the day’s cause!Payment
Teams donate 25¢ per click per user per day and donate $2 per user on Good Today per month (for teams of 1,000+, please reach out for pricing). Teams are only charged through a separate Stripe-integrated payment page on our website prior to slack-app install. From there, teams are only charged when an individual actively clicks a link within the direct message. This all occurs during the onboarding process before authorizing the app. Clicks are tallied throughout the month and then charged on the bill date. If a company downloads the app for 100 users and those users click 400 times throughout the month, they will be charged $300 ($2 x 100 users + $.25 x 400 donation clicks).

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