GoLinksSecure, short URLs, only accessible by your team

Golinks, also known as go links, go-links or go/links, make it easy to access your companies important URLs. You can go to links directly with just the name of the link.Invite the GoLinks bot to any Slack channel, and it will be able to resolve go/links posted in that channel. You can also use the /go slash command to search all of your golinks. Create your golinks at https://www.golinks.io, and have them accessible through Slack.Your golinks are accessible by your entire team, making it easy to get everyone on the same page. Use them around the workplace to make sure promotional pieces won’t be forgotten. See trending golinks and manage existing links from a user-centric dashboard. Our platform allows your employees to get to frequently used websites faster by transforming long URLs into easy-to-remember links. Your golinks follow you, not your device. Simply log into your account on any device to access them. These golinks belong to your company and are only accessible by your company‚Äôs employees. We keep your golinks secure and private, only allowing those that have a verified account with your company to view, use, and create golinks.No payment needed to get started using GoLinks! Just connect the Slack app, and create a free account at https://www.golinks.io. Once your accounts are linked, your golinks will begin resolving right away!

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