GoatPrivate URL shortener for teams

Goat is a private URL shortener for teams. Create short, memorable keywords for your most important resources. Share them anywhere with our short domain https://ga.tc. They’ll be secured with a login and visible only to you and your team. With this Slack integration, you can easily expand your keywords in Slack with “/go keyword”. You can also create short links directly in Slack, e.g. “/shorten keyword example.com”. Additionally, when Goat detects short links starting with https://ga.tc and http://ga.tc in your messages, it will automatically share the original URL to which it points to.Use of the short URL requires a paid plan but Slack integration is always free and these Slack commands will work without a subscription.If you need help, use “goat” in Slack to display usage instructions, or you can email us at [email protected]

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