Globanet Merge1Compliance Messaging Platform

Globanet Merge1 reduces regulatory compliance and eDiscovery risk, while increasing business intelligence, by swiftly capturing non-email / new media communications – including texts, IM’s, social media, enterprise collaboration, financial messages and unique custom data formats – into any on premise or cloud base archive.Slack and Merge1 joint customers are presented an affordable, user-friendly way to merge all of their company’s Slack data into a single database.Merge1 has been relied upon by clients in numerous verticals for 10 years and is easily customizable to meet client needs.  Merge1 keeps clients free from archive vendor lock in.  The product does not store Slack data – Merge1 sends it to whichever archive the client is using.Merge1 is also available for capturing 40+ messaging sources including Bloomberg, Symphony, FactSet, Cisco Jabber, CME Pivot, Thomson Reuters, BlackBerry, Microsoft Skype and Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and more. Merge1 is available for the Slack Enterprise Grid Plan.  Call (888) 427-5505 to request a complimentary Merge1 trial.

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