Global Relay Archive for Slack Compliant archiving and information governance for Slack data

Global Relay Archive is an enterprise-class message archiving and management solution with superior search, retrieval, and review capabilities, supporting over 50 data types – including email, instant messaging, social media, and market data chat in a secure, unified, and tamperproof cloud repository. Over 20,000 organizations in 90 countries, including 22 of the top 25 banks use Global Relay solutions for eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, security, and information governance.Global Relay Archive seamlessly integrates with the Slack Enterprise Discovery API to capture and archive all of an organization’s Slack data. Slack customers can:* Archive and manage partner, client, and counterparty communications across shared Channels
* Impose supervision policies on Slack messages based on business lines and risks
* Search Channels and Direct Messages in seconds – not hours or days
* Enforce automated Legal Holds on Slack communications
* Produce defensible Slack data easily for investigations and litigation
* Customize Slack data retention and disposition termsFor more information or to sign up for Global Relay Archive for Slack, go to Contact Global Relay at [email protected]