GetSiteControlChat with your website visitors right from Slack

Add live chat to your website to talk to customers and prospects in real-time. Connect your Chat widget to Slack and manage live chat conversations with your website visitors right from the Slack dashboard, desktop app or mobile app.• Get an instant Slack alert whenever a visitor on your website starts a chat
• View visitor information without leaving Slack – where they are from, what page they are currently on, what their browser and OS are
• Reply to website visitors directly from Slack and have your reply sent directly to the visitor
• Use bot commands to check visitor’s status, update your own online status, assign conversations to other team members
• Use Slack apps to chat with customers on your smartphone or tabletGetSiteControl Chat widget features:• Easy installation
• Customizable colors
• Email notifications
• Embedded email opt-in form
• Online/offline operator mode (automatic or manual)
• Multiple chat operators
• Targeting (by country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM)
• Behavior triggers (scroll-triggered, delayed, exit-intent)
• SchedulerHow to connect your Chat widget to Slack (step-by-step instructions):
How to manage live chat conversations via Slack: you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]: Slack integration is available on paid subscription plans only:

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