GenchiGenchi is a team powered, project status and outcome prediction app.

We created Genchi to make project status easy and we do this by using your team’s sentiment to show the current status of your projects.

As part of a regular automated check-in where activity can be shared and obstacles highlighted, Genchi also captures each team members confidence. Combining the unique insights of each individual gives a confidence score for the whole team, indicating both project status and team health and which reflects the team best guess of achieving their goal at that point in time.

As teams don’t operate in isolation Genchi also makes it really easy to visualize and share this information with project stakeholders and other teams. This helps manage dependencies and improve cross team collaboration.

So why not try Genchi today. Its free to try and a little more transparency can improve your team’s health and lead to better project outcomes.Pricing
No additional charge or obligation for Genchi Slack bot. Main Genchi app pricing;
–       Free for teams of <10 -       30 day free trial -       $1.49 per user per monthLinks: Genchi | Help Centre | Pricing | Twitter | Blog

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