Geekbot Asynchronous standup meetings, Retrospectives & Culture surveys

Run asynchronous standup meetings in Slack! Nonintrusive chat reports that bring transparency to your team and keep everyone focused on the real tasks, regardless of whether your team is on-site, distributed, or remote. Agile
Geekbot can automate your standup, daily scrum, and retrospective meetings, allowing you and your team to focus on other aspects of the Agile methodology. Culture
Geekbot will enable you to strengthen your team’s culture! Easily set up feedback and employee surveys, and allow team members to get to know each other through random question presets. Productivity
Geekbot organises your team’s workflow with a flexible and robust scheduling system, which allows you to set up meetings in any possible frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even custom). Personalize
Different teams have different needs. Setup your own custom questions, give your members control over their reminders or allow them to set a custom time schedule. Location agnostic
Managing a team spanning over multiple time zones has never been easier! Geekbot will send your questions to each participant in their local timezone, this way you just set it up once and it simply works. Crystal clear billing
When you purchase a Geekbot subscription, we only charge you for active standup participants. Whenever a participant becomes inactive, we will add any unused funds to your account in the form of credits.Join thousands of teams that use Geekbot daily for self management and transparency.