Geckoboard Never miss your key metrics with Geckoboard Snapshots for Slack

Sharing a Geckoboard dashboard on Slack is the easiest way to ensure key metrics are front of mind, keep your team on track, and save everyone the hassle of accessing data. With our simple software, you can compile data from all your favourite tools, transform it into digestible dashboards – without coding – and schedule daily snapshots to post to Slack. No more time wasted by generating reports. No more digging into endless tools. Instead, get a daily snapshot of key metrics, where the conversation is happening. • Maintain focus and momentum, especially during times of change
• Spark conversations about metrics and goals – directly in Slack
• React and adapt faster to developments and trends
• Have confidence that your team is seeing the numbers that matterPopular use cases• Sharing key metrics from across different departments
• Tracking growth goals
• Monitoring marketing campaigns
• Maintaining excellent customer service
• Monitoring usage of specific features
• Seeing progress towards weekly or monthly sales targets
• Seeing growth in social media following
• Keeping track of hiring goals
• And more…Other ways to shareGeckoboard isn’t just for Slack. It can help you communicate your data in several different ways, with link sharing, a mobile app, and TV mode. Find out how else Geckoboard can help you put your metrics front and center here.