Slack Application: G2 Track Alerts Effortlessly visualize and optimize your team’s software usage and spend. Get alerts directly to Slack and increase your software spend ROI.

G2 Track helps you effortlessly stay on top of your software and cloud spend.Quick Setup
Set up in 5 minutes to instantly view a breakdown and forecast of your software spend over time.Control Your Costs
Receive timely alerts on subscription price increases, unused products, duplicate charges, contract renewals, vendor security breaches, and more.Sync and Save Time
Ditch spreadsheets. Securely connect your payment systems to automatically track all your spend in a private workspace.Contracts Management
Keep track of your contracts and never miss a renewal or expiration.The G2 Track Bot for Slack automatically sends real-time spending alerts and notifications from your Track workspace to a Slack channel of your choosing.Note: you may not see your first alerts for 5-7 days, depending on the automated data refresh schedule.

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