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Built with love with only one goal in mind: make finding your next afterwork easier Foda is the first solution to find the place that you are looking for to hang out. By curating a list of places you want to try, share with your friends or colleagues your gems and discover theirs. Foda learns your tastes in order to improve its understanding of the places that you will love, to always suggest you the best places matching your envy anywhere you’ll like.No more scammy reviews from people you don’t know. Get recommendations from your friends juiced up by our algorithms.Word to mouth finally digitalised, join the revolution!Get recommendations and create a poll
Simply hit /drinks in direct message, private or public channels and follow the instructions.
Optionally, you can add an attachement to the command.
E.g. /drinks “Hey guys, here are three places that we could go to tonight. Let’s vote !”For more information type /drinks help or visit