Feldspark A micro learning management system for Slack

Feldspark takes a bite-sized approach to learning-at-work, by introducing ‘micro lessons’. A micro lesson can be thought of as a presentation comprising a series of slides (text or text + graphics) that runs inside Slack. A key difference between a traditional deck that runs on the web/desktop and a micro-lesson is that the latter is designed for Slack and is created with the intention of instructing a very specific topic. Think ‘code review best practices’ OR ‘how to run a retrospective meeting’ OR ‘architecture of 9090 micro threading’, etc. This is not only a new way of learning but a novel way to document stuff at work. Feldspark aims to make, writing of long documents, a relic of the past. While there is no restriction as to how long or how many slides a micro-lesson can have, we have found that the ideal micro lesson takes no more than 5 minutes to go through and has between 5-8 slides. Each micro-lesson belongs to a subject that serves as the top-level category. Feldspark comes with 4 top-level subjects and 12 micro lessons. You can edit these as you wish or simply delete them to start fresh. These are there just to give you an idea of how to craft micro lessons. To make things interesting, there’s analytics related to learning, recommendations, and lesson requests.  If you’ve got some feedback for us, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]