eyesonVideo conferencing app providing online meeting rooms in your Slack channels.

Start web-based group video calls directly from your Slack channels. Just enter /eyeson and a button will be ready to start a meeting. Everybody with an eyeson account & who is a member of this channel can participate. Once you’ve participated, you are part of the eyeson group and recordings, broadcasts, etc. of your meetings can be saved in your account. Moreover, video calls can be easily scheduled with a Slack reminder.eyeson is specialized in team meetings as:
– all Slack channel participants can start meetings
– no admin is needed
– audio & video quality stay crystal-clear while the number of video call participants might rise
– up to 9 members can be visible simultaneously
– up to 100 can take part in the video callIn addition, you can easily invite external users with the QuickJoin link to an eyeson video call. No registration needed here.For more information visit help.eyeson.team or write at [email protected]

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