Explain EverythingVisualize conversations with a collaborative whiteboard

Visualize your team’s conversations with Explain Everything in Slack.Invite your team to a collaborative, visual space with voice-chat and get everyone on the same page. With Explain Everything for Slack your team can immediately take part in a whiteboarding project, record it, and share it as a video.Why Explain Everything for Slack?• Start and share a collaborative whiteboard directly from Slack with /explain or /whiteboard
• Talk, illustrate, and brainstorm on an infinite canvas
• Enhance meetings and video calls with active participation and personal interaction
• Keep everyone up to speed with key video snippets from the meetingExplain Everything is available for teams on the web, on the App Store for iPad and iPhone, and on Google Play Store for Android devices and Chromebooks.If you use the same email for Explain Everything and Slack accounts they will automatically connect to each other when your workspace is authorized.

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