Estimo Speed your estimation process with Estimo for Slack.

Estimo keeps all your sales data in one place. You can now receive notifications and quickly view proposal overviews, all within the comfort of Slack.Enabling Estimo Slack notifications will keep your team in the loop and enable faster sales. Currently, you can choose whether to receive the following notifications:• When another user requests that you Review an Estimate.• When your Estimate has been Reviewed.• When your Estimate has been Closed.• When you have been invited to collaborate on an Estimate.• When another user mentions you in an Estimate comment.• When your Estimate has been Closed via external acceptance.In addition, the Estimo Slack App also extends any pasted Estimate links to automatically include Title, Client, Status and Total fields. With this information included as standard, collaborating with your team on Slack and Estimo is now much easier.Note: to enjoy this functionality, a paid Estimo account is required. You can sign up to Estimo at