Engage With Foster a culture of recognition. Celebrate accomplishments – big or small.

Transform teamwork and build a culture of recognition at your organisation with EngageWith’s fun and meaningful rewards and recognition engine built for Slack.
Employee engagement that’s seamless and recognition that’s boundless leads to:
* Increased Employee Retention
* Fun workplaces with an enhanced sense of camaraderie
* Solidified long-term vision and mission clarity among employees
* Talking with teammates, interacting with them and celebrating should have no boundaries, no matter where you are
Why EngageWith?
* Customisable Rewards: Rewards that you can customize because recognition can mean different things for different people.
* Gift cards to redeem: Hundreds of exciting gift cards up for grabs!
* Seamless Slack integration: Engagement that’s easy, fun, and seamless – the way it should be – right on top of Slack!
* Engagement Leaderboards: Dynamic leaderboards for tracking recognition and promote engagement.