Eletype An intelligent assistant for digital marketers. We help you Cover Your Ads!

Eletype is a digital marketing assistant that helps teams quickly identify and respond to changes in search and social marketing campaigns. Unlike other analytics tools, which require teams to log in to additional accounts and dashboards, Eletype works within your existing products like Slack to make campaign management collaborative and seamless . Because digital marketing needs a CYA solution ASAP!- Anomaly tracking spots deviations in key success metrics like conversions, clicks, quality score, relevance, and sentiment.
– Campaign budget monitoring identifies major spikes and anomalies in your spend.
– Landing page checks ensures that your ads are never pointing to dead or slow pages.Eletype works with Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram, but we are currently working on new channels, so let us know your thoughts!Eletype is free for 1 ad account. ┬áIf you like what we are building, please contact us to set up your paid account. Pricing and additional details about Eletype can be found at www.eletype.com.