EdwinEdwin – A Security Team in your Slack

Edwin alerts is a security program that helps measure and change security behaviors across your team, delivered through Slack in fun engaging alerts. Edwin is a leader in behavioral cybersecurity. Using behavioral and learning design methodologies, we help teams change their security behaviors and prove that they have to clients, auditors, regulators, board members, and other key stakeholders. Edwin alerts keeps you in direct contact with Edwin’s CISO team, guiding your team to proactively respond to real world security events, but also providing support in case a team member is compromised and needs help. Here’s how it works:1. Download Edwin’s slackbot to get started2. As an admin, you’ll receive an initial message from Edwin bot explaining your admin dashboard and what to expect, and you’ll be asked to select a channel for Edwin Alerts to be pushed to for your team to see.3. Once installed, Edwin’s CISO team will curate and send custom security alerts into your specified channel. Each alert:- Identifies a real world security event that your team needs to take action on
– Assesses whether an individual team member is vulnerable to that event
– Provides fast step by step guidance on what to do
– Establishes acknowledgement and proof that the action occurredIf team members need help, they can message the Edwin CISO team directly from slack. Most team members think of security as boring and a hassle, so Edwin makes alerts engaging and simple to keep motivation high.

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