Dooly The real-time playbook for closers.

Trusted by the likes of Asana, Intercom, and Contentful, Dooly makes sure all your reps run consistently great meetings. Push powerful discovery plans, relevant customer stories, follow-up questions, and answers to objections in real-time based on what prospects are saying. When the meeting wraps up, Dooly updates Salesforce for you and collaboratively loops in your internal selling team to what everyone needs to do next to bring the deal across the line!With the Dooly Slack App:1. You can leverage @mentions in Dooly notes to collaborate within Slack
2. You can subscribe to a daily agenda with links to your meetings and tasks due for the day
3. Link previews, so each time you copy and paste a link to a Dooly note in Slack, you’ll get a preview of the entire note Try Dooly free for 30-days!