Slack Application: Doodle Bot Find the best time to meet with teams inside and outside Slack

Welcome to the Doodle Bot, your personal scheduling assistant. Find the best time to meet your team, so you can take back and focus on the work that counts. Create Doodle polls to find the best time to meet, or instantly compare availabilities and book meetings to your colleagues’ calendars with the new Book it! functionality. Find the best time to meet with any size group1. Suggest times for your meeting – Add a few time options to your poll invite.2.   Invite participants – Invite channels, members, email contacts or use the shareable link anywhere.3. Select the best option – Once the availabilities are in, pick the time that works for everyone and voilà!Skip the Doodle poll and schedule meetings directly with Book it!1. Add guests to your meeting – @someone / #channel / email. 2. Choose the date range – Doodle Bot compares schedules and returns possible times for your meeting.3. Choose one and Book it! – The events are added to your guests’ calendars automatically.Schedule meetings without all the fuss.Forget about juggling between calendars and chat services, jumping between tabs or resending invites – use Doodle Bot to create and manage meetings where you’re already working. No more endless email threads or chasing down availabilities. Create Doodle polls to find the best time or book meetings into your colleagues calendars straight away. No group is too big (or small) for the mighty Doodle Bot.Whether you’re planning a team meeting, an all-hands event, or setting up an interview – we’ve got you covered. Easily invite entire Slack channels, individual members or external email contacts. Get a clear overview of everyone’s availabilities and choose the best option, or Book it! to everyone’s calendars. Doodle scheduling found a home on the Home tabUse the Quick Actions on the home tab to create Doodle polls or schedule meetings with Book it! To make your next meeting, simply follow the directions in the modal window and you’re off and running. You can keep abreast of the action on the Doodle polls you create, and the ones you’re invited to in one place. Stay in control and never miss a meeting again. While meetings will always remain a part of our work lives, the time spent scheduling them doesn’t have to. So let’s make meetings happen, in Slack!

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