Don’t InterruptAutomatically set a status or snooze notifications during working hours or when you’re in a meeting.

Take control of annoying notifications and interruptions. How? All the controls are available to you, but it can be fiddly to set up and automate. Well Don’t Interrupt is here to help with just that! We help you set yourself as away, snooze notifications or set a status message when you’re not at work or in a meeting. Simply login to our App with your Slack account, then set your working hours and optionally add one or more Google Calendars.You get to choose what happens when you’re in a meeting. Do you want to set a status and funky emoji? Do you want to make yourself appear away? Do you want to snooze notifications until the meeting has finished? Maybe you want all 3? They are all supported out of the box.You can do the same for your working hours too. You choose which days and which hours for each day of the week that you work. You then choose what you want your profile to look like when you’re not at work. Going on holiday or vacation? Create yourself a Holiday schedule and easily swap to using it before you go away and boom! No notifications when you’re chilling out!

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