Domino’s With the Domino’s App you can place a new order, your Easy Order or most recent order, or track an order.

Domino’s is the first national pizza chain to offer group ordering on Slack! With Domino’s, ordering a pizza lunch for that work meeting is as simple as having a quick chat. Team members can either order via a direct Slack message to Domino’s or collaborate on a group order in a channel.
Domino’s  + Slack = Our Slack integration makes it easy to place and track orders with your local Domino’s. Whether collaborating to build a group order or reordering your Easy Order, pizza is just a few @ mentions away.How it works
• After installing the Domino’s ordering app to your workspace, anyone on the team can start a chat with the Domino’s bot.• You can start a group order in a Slack #channel by @ mentioning Domino’s – pro-tip: like any conversation, this works best when you take turns adding what you want.• When you’ve confirmed that everyone’s added what they want to the order, checkout and your order will be sent to your local store for delivery or pick up.• For those who want to place an Easy Order or Recent Order, send Domino’s a direct message and sign in to your Pizza Profile. • To track your order from the time it’s placed to when it’s ready, talk to @Domino’s and ask to track your order.Learn more about all the newest ways to order Domino’s at 
Available only in the U.S.Contact developers at [email protected]