Dokkio Find, organize, and understand all your online files.

Dokkio gives your team an intelligent way to organize, find, understand, and collaborate on the files your team uploads and shares in Slack.  When connected to Slack, Dokkio automatically:• Categorizes shared files – as a Resume, or a Contract, or Product Spec, for example.  Dokkio uses categories relevant to your industry and business.
• Tags shared files, identifying their contents (for images), or important organizations, people or places they mention (for text files)
• Relates shared files to Projects, or to Customers, or Partners, or whatever context is useful for your teamDokkio uses advanced Machine Learning and a simple suggestion technique to rapidly learn about your files and become a trusted, valuable file assistant.  It’s a cloud file service, available via your browser, anywhere/anytime.  Dokkio doesn’t disrupt your current work flow – you still collaborate and communicate with your team in Slack, and Dokkio automatically tracks file activity, up to the minute.  Dokkio respects Slack security and privacy – each Dokkio user sees only those Slack files that (s)he can view in Slack channels.FInally, Dokkio delivers those same benefits – transparently – for files in Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or even email attachments.  Imagine the wasted time you’ll save by seeing all of your files in one, organized view, and being able to search and work with them, no matter where they live.To start using Dokkio with Slack, go to the Dokkio/Slack home page, and click “Get Started”.  The screens guide you through setting up a Dokkio account, and clicking the “Slack” tile connects Dokkio to your Slack workspace(s).  If Slack is the first content source that you connect, the Dokkio setup will default to using your Slack login email as your Dokkio login email.