Slack Application: DirectFax MessengerDirectFax Messenger for Slack

DirectFax Messenger by etherFAX allows you to send and receive faxes and other business documents using Slack; seamlessly and securely. With DirectFax, you can now transmit secure, encrypted, digital, high-resolution and rich color documents to other applications within the etherFAX ecosystem as well as traditional fax machines.DirectFax Features• Send and receive faxes
• Supports high-resolution, color, digital faxing
• Compatible with existing fax machines
• Install in private or shared channels to create a group inbox
• Receive faxes automatically in the background
• View and print received faxesTo get started, use the /fax_enroll command to complete your installation. Once done, simply upload your document to the DirectFax Messenger chat, click the options menu and select the Send as Fax option.

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